Hospice Community Nurse Specialists

Your Hospice Community Nurse Specialist will speak to you and your family about the level of your ongoing support, which will be unique to you.


Your Hospice Community Nurse Specialist can:

  • offer support to you in your own home (which could include care homes) throughout your illness;
  • work with and advise your GP, district nurse and other healthcare and social care workers to provide you with pain and symptom relief, emotional and spiritual support, and help with accessing financial or other support as needed;
  • advise you on all of the hospice’s services, liaise with other teams or refer you to another service to provide you with the support that you, your family and your nurse feel will be beneficial;
  • and have extensive knowledge of palliative care and will share that knowledge to help your support network (including family and friends) look after you.

If your symptoms become more settled, you could be discharged from your Hospice Community Nurse Specialist’s active caseload. If this happens, please be assured that you will still have open access to us, but we may need to speak with your GP again first. 

If you have any questions, or if you feel you need support after you’ve been discharged, contact your Hospice Community Nurse Specialist.