Our In-Patient Unit is turning 20! Quite simply, we wouldn’t be here without the generosity of the local community, who support us by shopping in our shops, playing our lottery and taking part in a variety of fundraising events.

Every penny raised helps us to provide support to patients with life-limiting illnesses, and their loved ones. Why not help us celebrate 20 years of In-Patient Unit care by raising £20 for Weston Hospicecare? Here’s 20 ways to raise £20!

1: Save 20 Pence Pieces


Let’s start with a simple and effective way that even very young children can get involved with fundraising; collecting 20 pence pieces. The coins fit nicely into a Smarties tube, so you get a sweet treat as well! 100 20p’s equals £20!

2: Sell Cupcakes

Another simple but effective fundraiser. Bake some cupcakes to sell to family and friends, and you’ll raise £20 in no time. Everyone loves cake!

3: Give Something Up

Chocolate, wine, swearing, Facebook… We all have our vices. Why not try giving something up for a month and asking friends and family to sponsor you? Actually, don’t give up Facebook. You might miss out on some important Weston Hospicecare news!

4: Stop Talking

One for the kids, maybe?! A day of silence for all those parents and teachers out there has got to be worth £20, surely? Think of the peace!

5: Get Cleaning

Why not offer a cleaning or gardening service to friends and family? You’ll be surprised how many people will be happy to donate to a good cause if it means their least favourite chores are taken off their hands.

6: Walkies

Dogs are awesome! Offer to walk someone’s dog in return for a donation to Weston Hospicecare. You get some exercise and time with a four-legged friend. It’s a win-win.

7: Dress Down

Take a change from your usual office-wear by holding a dress down day at work. Ask for donations in return for a chance to wear casual clothes for the day.

8: Dress Up

Alternatively… hold a dress up day! Ask people to dress as a favourite book or film character, or to wear a certain colour. Hold a wacky fancy dress day with a prize for the most outlandish.

9: Gaming Marathon

Do you have a child who loves their X-Box or Playstation? It’s time to put that devotion to good use. Encourage them to join up with friends for a gaming marathon to raise money for Weston Hospicecare. An easy way to win parenting points (and raise money).

10: Car Wash

A Car Wash is always a great way to raise some money. Why not charge your family and friends, work colleagues or even your teachers to wash their car?

11: Battle of the Bands

Whether you’re part of a band, or fancy forming one just for the occasion, a battle of the bands is always fun. Schools in particular can get on board with this; encourage students to form small groups to perform for a paying audience and then crown a winner!

12: Film Night

Why not gather your friends for a movie marathon? Sell cakes, popcorn, drinks, and settle down for a great evening in.

13: Guess the….


Go on, guess! The list of possibilities here are endless. Guess the name of the teddy, guess the number of sweets in a jar, guess the weight of the cake, or number of balloons in a car! 50p a guess and that £20 will soon add up.

14: Get Crafty

Are you a natty knitter or a keen crafter? Why not put your creative skills to good use and sell your creations at a sale?

15: Ice-Cream Parlour

This is a really fun way of fundraising. Gather a group, lots of ice-cream, toppings and sweet treats, and set up a DIY ice-cream parlour.

16: Odd Job Day

Offer your time to friends and family. Take on a variety of odd jobs that people never seem to get around to, and charge for your services!

17: Put Your Thinking Caps On

Why not hold a quiz evening? Not only is this a fun evening out, but it’s a really good fundraiser, too. You can charge entry per team and sell refreshments on the night as well.

18: Big Breakfast

Who doesn’t love a long, lazy breakfast? Why not open up your kitchen and sell bacon butties in return for donations to Weston Hospicecare?

19: Get Building

If you have kids who are into LEGO, they could encourage their school, youth group or other organisation to hold a LEGO competition. Teams pay to take part and there’s a prize for the biggest/ best/ wackiest/ most inventive creation.

20: Karaoke Fun

For old and young alike, a Karaoke evening is a really fun way to raise money! It’s up to you whether you choose to share the mic, or simply impress your assembled guests with your flawless Madonna impression.


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